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Rainbow Bright

Hola y'all. Spring is trying very hard to get here. The leaves are out, but they're nervous and still sort of the first day back in a bathing suit. It's still a little chilly and ... READ the POST

Tiles For Smiles

Howdy. If you're one of my tens of followers on Instagram, you've probably noticed quite a few tile photos being posted recently. I've been working on a remodel for the past few months and we are now ... READ the POST

Island Living

Happy Monday! It's a good day to achieve the goals you set last week and never got around to accomplishing. Or is that just how I roll.....? Anyway, todays lesson is all about kitchen islands and how ... READ the POST

Designer Discoveries

I live in a remote area. The nearest major airport is 2.5 hours away and in that time I only have to make 6 turns to get from my house to the arrival gate. That's not an exaggeration, Idaho is just ... READ the POST