Curious about our Process?



1. I’ll answer this question with a question: have you ever tried to pick out a paint color and had your grey turn purple, or your white turn pink? It seemed pretty on the paint chip, right? There are hundreds of decisions to make during the building or renovation process and hiring a designer will actually save you time and money in the end. It may not seem like it up front because of the additional design fees, but with a designers guidance crucial purchasing mistakes can be avoided and budgetary needs are addressed as to how to get the best value for your money.

2. We speak builder. Beyond pretty pillows and fabrics, a designer is skilled in bridging the language gap between the construction crew and the client. Much of the design actually happens behind the scenes and behind the walls so having a liaison there to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible is invaluable. If the words “rough-in” and “low-sheen finish” have you pulling your hair out, that’s OK, we’ve got you.

3. Beauty and functionality! Designers are trained to think outside the box and to introduce you to ideas and styles that you might not explore yourself. The most common phrase we hear is “I kind of know what I want but I can’t visualize it at all.” We can because we do it all the time. And most importantly, when the process is finished, you will have a beautiful home that is also highly functional.


The design process happens in stages. The first couple of meetings focus on us learning about you and your overall scope of work. Timeline, budget, and lifestyle are all discussed in detail before the design gets underway. Any photos, magazine clippings, Pinterest inspiration, etc. are very helpful in conveying your aesthetic and your likes and dislikes. The more information provided at the onset results in less time doing revisions.

Next, the overall design planning begins. The majority of the design is created during this time, most importantly the selection of hard finishes such as plumbing and lighting. Be mindful that the design hours are heavier during this initial schematic stage. It is important to trust the process and know that although there may be little physical evidence of the hours behind the design, the work is in progress and happening! The hours tend to drop off after the design is in place and then pick back up again during the final phase of the project.

Once the design concepts are created and agreed upon, communication between the designer and contractor (if there is one) begins. Specifications for every space are submitted to the builder so they can relay information correctly to the sub-contractors. A high level of communication is necessary from the designer and we make ourselves available during all phases of construction. It is also during this time that furniture and accessory selections are confirmed and orders are placed.

Be aware that the design process/construction is dependent on a lot of moving parts so you must be prepared for anything! Furniture can arrive defected or be damaged during transit, and orders can be delayed depending on factory lead times. We have even seen design ideas get thrown out the window to make way for a better concept. Ideas sometimes evolve organically and those can be the best outcomes. It’s best to try to go with the flow and know that it will work out in the end! 


Of course! We love the idea of collaborating with clients to ensure that you are getting exactly what you envision. Feel free to discuss thoughts and ideas and we will work to incorporate them into the design.


A part of full-service design is providing our expertise to create a furniture/home decor plan that takes into account size, color palette, functionality, and room layout. A lot of thought and preparation goes into creating a unique design specific to each client so it is requested that the products sourced be purchased through Redeux Decor, rather than online. We are aware of the internet availability and strive to match pricing as best as possible.

Of course, there are exceptions to every situation. Sometimes the perfect piece is only available through an online retailer, or a vintage shop, or maybe you have a gift certificate you’d like to use and we say go for it! We want this process to be as fun and exciting for you as it is for us.


Shipping is the fee to transport the product from its source to our studio and it is calculated into the quoted price. Delivery fees are the third-party costs of getting the merchandise from our store to your home. Redeux Decor uses a few moving services that are trusted and reliable, and you are also free to schedule your own method of transport if you choose. On large scale projects all furniture will be stored at a receiving facility until install time.


Great question! We understand that you are making an investment, both financially and emotionally, and it is our goal to provide a service above and beyond what is expected. We value humor and hold true to the belief that clients should feel comfortable in expressing their fears, excitement, and opinions at any part of the process. Your home is uniquely yours and Redeux Decor wants you to feel like a rockstar every day you’re there!

Love where you live!