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Interior Design & What to Expect From Our Services

Hello and welcome to September! It’s hard to believe school has already started, the leaves are changing, and I’m officially back to my many varieties of sweatsuits. Summer was a bird… just flew by. But, the upside of returning to the indoors is that there is more time to focus on that home renovation or new build you’ve been dreaming of.

You may be wondering if you need to hire an interior designer, and what exactly do we do if invited into your space, so in this blog I’d like to go over what interior design actually is and everything you can expect from our design services.

What is Interior Design?

Interior design is the strategic process of planning, conceptualizing, and designing the interiors of a particular space in coordination with the architecture. Designers consider the layout, structure, and flow of whatever space they are designing, as well as help bridge the language gap between the General Contractor and the client they are working with.

fireplace and white walls with blue rug
Warm Springs Project

Why Hire An Interior Designer?

As interior designers, we have a solid understand of the building process and a strong architecture background that enables us to guide you fluidly through the project. There are a million decisions to make and it’s easy to overlook the important components of a project when overwhelm sets in. A good design team will take those worries off your plate because we know what to expect and prepare for it. Our goal is for you to enjoy the design journey and a beautiful finished product, while feeling secure that your investment is being well cared for along the way.

Ketchum Guest House

Our Design Process

Full-service design is the “soup to nuts” experience wherein we handle all aspects of the project, including cabinet design, interior finish selections, lighting, and furniture/decor packages. We have a four-phase design process that is the foundation of our working relationship with the client. We know the construction journey can be trying at times so having a clearly defined process helps the clients know where they are at each stage of construction.

Phase 1 | Conceptual Design

The goal of this phase is to formulate an overall design plan and ensure it aligns with your vision before diving deep into detailed selections. Think of it as laying the foundation for the entire design.

This phase includes:

  • In-office meeting to review your homework
  • Documentation of your space: measure/take photos
  • Sourcing of initial furniture and fixture selections
  • Floor plan and furniture layout creation in Chief Architect
  • Design boards to convey the overall design direction
  • Design presentation to collect client feedback

Phase 2 | Detailed Design Phase

During this phase we will finalize all aspects of the design and confirm finishes specific to your home. Furniture layouts are also created and approved.

This phase includes:

  • Final selections of all furniture, fabrics, and hard finishes
  • Detailed design boards
  • Detailed furniture budgets for each room
  • Floor plans and 3D walk-through
  • High-resolution renderings if requested
  • In-office design presentation with sample selections
High Resolution Rendering

Phase 3 | Project Management & Purchasing

During this phase we will be working in conjunction with the General Contractor to ensure that all aspects of the design are being executed to the correct specifications. A lot happens behind the scenes and having a designer present to utilize their decision making and problem solving skills is crucial.

This phase includes:

  • Ordering and purchasing items
    Coordinating and managing trades, if necessary
  • Working in conjunction with the General Contractor to ensure project success
  • Visiting the project site to monitor progress
  • Coordinating deliveries and shipments
  • Providing weekly client updates throughout your project

Phase 4 | The Installation Phase

The construction is finished and it’s time to make your house a home! Sit back and let us make the magic happen.

This phase includes:

  • Coordination of white glove delivery of your goods
  • Onsite management by our team on your installation day
  • Hand-selected accessories to complete your space
  • Styling of your finished rooms
  • Post-install design support
Ketchum Guest House

Hiring an interior designer is the best decision you will ever make. (And yes, I’m biased!) We will save you time, unnecessary expenses, and your sanity, and the results will blow your mind. If you would like to chat about your project, we are all ears. Head to the contact form and get started!