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4 Facts You Need to Know Before Your Next Home Renovation

living room with blue rug and white walls

Warm Springs Remodel

We’ve done a few renovations in our time, and I would say – hands down – the biggest surprise you will encounter is the massive number of decisions that need to be made. There are about 1.1 million things to consider during a construction project. From flooring and wallpaper selections, to light switch placement and fixture selections….the list goes on and on.

Decision fatigue and overwhelm can set in quickly, so today I’m sharing 4 things you should know before taking on a home reno or new build project.

1. Prioritize your design Plan

view of exterior of mountain modern home

Waterfront New Build Project

For the love, hire your design team at the onset of the project! A good designer can walk you through the construction plans with an eye for functionality, flow, and of course, beauty. Then, when working alongside the contractor and architect, the interior design team can help you maximize every space in your home while considering a furniture layout that makes sense. 

If adjustments are necessary, the beginning is the best time to make them, not halfway through, which will cost you more money and time. And speaking of time and money…

2. Hiring a Professional saves you Time and Money


I know it seems counterintuitive to claim that hiring a designer can save you money because of the design fees, right? But, as weird as it sounds, it’s true. 

I’ve seen plenty of unnecessary mistakes that ended up costing the homeowner a small fortune. And sometimes, even if there aren’t actual construction mistakes, once the design starts to take shape, the homeowner realizes that the original design is flawed and needs improvement. Let us help maximize every inch of your home! 

3. Your Home will look Worse before it Looks Better

When you start a renovation, it helps to know that things will look worse before they get better. The mess, the schedules, the demands on your family, etc., are challenging, but it will be worth it in the end. 

After the messy parts are over, the fun begins. Then, finally, you can start to see all the beautiful selections come to fruition and the dream of getting your home back slowly becomes a reality.

4. The Renovation will be Worth it!

white kitchen with white cabinets

5th Ave New Build Project

Reveal day is the best day ever! All the pain and suffering of the construction phase magically disappears the first time you see your house finished and furnished. I’ve seen people actually cry – in a good way! The years of enjoyment living in a beautiful and functional home far outweigh the months of hassle, I guarantee it.

Ready to renovate your home but don’t know who to contact first? Give us a call and we will help guide you through each step of the process.