Curious about our Process?

Old Hailey Living Room Reveal!

Well, hello friends! So much time has passed since my last blog post and it’s great to be back, especially with the epic living room reveal I have in store for you. There are tons of fun little moments in here that I will get to in a moment, but first: the back story….

We were hired to fully furnish the living room for clients who had moved to Idaho from Australia! Prior to moving they sold the majority of their furniture but kept special pieces like antiques and heirlooms, which I was more than happy to integrate into the design. However – per Covid delays – their shipment got held up at a dock and they were left with very little when they arrived. Luckily, they had photos of each piece so we were able to build on those with the rest of the design.

gray armchair with copper metal side table

The home, originally built in the late 1800’s, had already been beautifully renovated by previous owners. Our goal was to honor the charming aspects of the traditional home while adding a hip flair because going fully traditional would’ve made the house feel stiff. I love elements of surprise so when we proposed a rust colored velvet swivel chair and the client said “sure, I trust you!” I knew it was going to be great.

And now for the reveal. We took this…….

And turned it into this………!

wide angle shot of living room
swivel rust velvet chairs with floor lamp

vertical shot of plant and side table with lamp

Throw pillows are a must to brighten up any space. My rule of thumbs is as long as you love them, any pillow combination will look great together. Don’t overthink it, go with it!

pillow combination on sofa in living room
wide angle shot of living room

The details…..

close up of coffee table legs
pillows on sofa with fig tree in background

The client already had a great art collection and the pieces are a stunning backdrop to the furniture. If something has sentimental value, it’s going on the wall!

close up of rust velvet swivel chair

wide angle shot of sofa and floor lamp

It’s official: everybody should have a llama in their house.

close up shot of llamas on coffee table
close up of rust velvet swivel chairs

We repainted the wall Dove Wing OC-18 by Benjamin Moore and the color is so soothing! A perfect canvas for velvet swivel chairs and a copper/marble side table!

wide angle shot of living room

gray armchair with copper metal side table

The design industry has been knee deep in disruptions like delayed orders, lost orders, and orders simply not being fulfilled at all due to factory closures and it has been a thing, let me tell you! But with some grace and patience we were able to complete the project in a reasonable amount of time and I think it it turned out fabulous!

Thank you to Halsey Pierce for the fabulous photography and good times!