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Rustic Glam Master Bath Redeux

Behold: a bathroom fit for Elizabeth Taylor. If she was alive, she would say “Oh, I simply must have this….quick grab my comb and my poodle and I will brush 100 strokes, take a bubble bath, and never leave.” (I guess it’s obvious that this is one of my all-time favorite spaces.)

From its most humble beginnings – carpet in the bathroom isn’t illegal yet? – to the final results, I have to say this is a proud moment for me. The clients and I, without a contractor per se, managed to completely transform the space using our own skills and our own humor to make it happen. Did the process make me nervous? Yes. Did I have a friggin blast working with the clients and getting to know them? Yes.

We endured health issues, a flooded basement (which had nothing to do with the remodel, mind you) and typical summer delays, but it was so worth it in the end. Beyond the beauty of the bathroom, the best part was getting to know the clients. They went to WSU so they can do no wrong, because I am also a WSU Alum and a Coug forever. (How’s that for blind nationalism?) And they’re also just great people who trusted me and the process.

Here goes the photo parade……from oh h*ll no!

To oh h*ll yes!

The rift sawn white oak cabinetry was done by my buddy and cabinet maker Mike Harder. He’s knowledgable and easy to work with and he’s got some mad skills when it comes to building things. He also made the barn door below because we decided that the old door was lame and a barn door would look really cool. It does.

How about all the beautiful tile work? I decided to switch up the typical 3×6 subway tile for a 4×12 to add some modern flair. The marble mosaic shower floor is all glam though. Paul Ramm did the tile work for the project and you can see he’s pretty great at his job. And patient…..I fell over his tripod and broke it and he didn’t even freak out. I replaced it and that was that. (Not one of my better days).

Psych! These aren’t reclaimed wood floors………they’re porcelain. And they look so much like wood, people thought they were. True story.

Thank you Tim Brown Media for the great photos!



  1. Since we are having a love-fest here, I will say that Heather was truly AWESOME to work with! She took me, with absolutely no vision (I just wanted OUT of the bathroom carpet, sickly grey tile, and glass block) and very gently guided me towards the fantastic end result. She listened to my likes and dislikes and formed a vision of her own, which was very near perfect in the end. The heated tile floor is so luxurious, I can hardly stand it!
    I plan to go to Heather when I’m ready to re-do other areas of my house, as well.

    Thank you Heather, you’re the best…and not just because you are a WSU Coug (although that is also way cool).

    Is it weird to want to entertain guests in a master bathroom?? It is by far the best part of my 20-year old house, hands down.

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