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A Surprise Tween Bedroom Makeover

Everybody loves to watch HGTV because everybody loves to see the client cry when they see their space for the first time. When Chip & Joanna pull away that weird rolling picture of the old house, allowing the amazing new house to be revealed for the first time, waterworks ensue along with the tissues and the obligatory hug fest. And the facts are: I love it too.

So, when my long-time client (I think I’m up to four different projects with them) called and said she wanted to surprise her 10 year old daughter with her first ever very own bedroom, my response was subtle. YES!….SIGN ME UP!…I CAN’T WAIT!….LET’S START NOW!! Subtle.

The twist is this family is going to be leaving in January to travel Asia and the Middle East for a year because they are amazing and that’s what amazing people do. What that meant for me was sourcing furniture that would work for the next several months, but at a lower price point because it might get used in a rental situation. And more importantly, to make sure it felt like her room, with her memories and her stuff. Her mom was great about leaving a collection of things for me to incorporate in the space.

The clients left for a week to visit family and the daughter knew nothing was happening. I mean, no clue.

And she came home this!

The map is a fun addition. It’s mounted on foam board so all you need is a tiny pin and a destination and it can be added to the map for inspiration.

With everything going on these days, I thought it would be fitting to include some girl power messaging in the room. The cute framed art and the striped plate are constant reminders that girls rule and nobody can or should say differently.

That’s a wrap. And if you’re wondering “did anyone cry”, I’m happy to say they did.


*Thank you to Tom Moss Painting for doing a fabulous job painting the walls, ceiling, doors, and the little wall nook in record time.

*Tim Brown Photography


  1. Again Heather, you knocked it right out of the ball park!! beautiful. So exciting for the young lady.