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Master Bathroom Redeux

Happy Monday to you all! Oh, forget it. It’s a Monday, face it.

But on a peppier note, I’m posting my biggest project to date! A complete master bathroom re-do that we achieved without changing the plumbing layout at all. We moved walls, built cabinets, took out the shower, put back the shower…….a big undertaking that I think turned out beautifully. The entire vibe is serene, spa-like, and very natural and organic.

I lurve this bathroom.

The before shots aren’t unfortunate by any stretch, but the layout wasn’t working for the family anymore. And the 90’s small-pool, not winning any Al Gore environmental awards, takes up half the bathroom bathtub had to go.

Behold the transformation:

Bathtub out, shower in. The windows offer awesome natural light and the bonus is that the larger one is totally private because there are no neighbors on that side.

The site of the old shower is now a floor to ceiling cabinet that offers much needed storage and a pretty good hide-and-go-seek spot for the kids.

This tile work kicks a**! The 12×24 porcelain tiles are not only very affordable, but when they’re set in a stacked pattern like the walls are here, they almost look like a solid slab of natural stone. And the pebble rock on the shower floor? Yes, please.

There it is, a master bathroom so peaceful I could sleep in it. Thanks to Idaho Mountain Builders for putting together this amazing creation. And thanks to Tim Brown for the beautiful photographs.



  1. Thank you! The shower wall and bathroom floor tile is Contempo Tile: Strand series, color white, 12×24 porcelain tile. The grout I used is Customs #545 Bleached Wood. The shower floor tile is the Venetian Pebble Collection: color Venetian Silver. The grout I used for this is Customs #386 Oyster Gray. Have a great day!

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