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Farmhouse Living Room Makeover

Bon jour and welcome to another makeover, farmhouse living room style.

I would have to say I am beyond excited about the results of this project in particular because in three words: it was challenging! The clients main reason for bringing me on was because the living room wasn’t functioning as the cozy get together space for reading, conversating, and hanging out that it was supposed to be. They are a close knit group and having such a large un-used space within the home wasn’t working at all. The other issue was that the dining area was incorporated into the living room space, making the entire room feel off-balanced and tight, so a solution had to be created for a better dining experience. Sounds easy on paper, but in truth this space made me werk!

Why werky so hard? Because there are a few things I take into consideration for every client job, regardless of the scope:
1. The needs of the client in terms of lifestyle and functionality
2. How to incorporate existing pieces to reduce waste
3. Style and comfort

With the living room layout being long and narrow, I knew immediately we would have to refine the furniture selections and get very choosy about what would stay. I like to keep as many pieces as possible, but after a lot of thought it became obvious that almost none of the existing furniture would work, hence eliminating my consideration #2. Each piece had to be carefully selected based on size and functionality, and also in a way that made the long room feel cohesive and cozy.

Next up: consideration #1, the needs of my clients.  Having a designated dining table area was a must because the clients love to entertain large groups, but I really wanted to get the dining room out of the living room. There was a space in the kitchen that could accommodate a dining table, but it was already set up as a banquette/nook and they liked the set-up as it was so I didn’t want to push the idea of redefining that space. But, in the end it was the only functional solution for having both spaces be useful. We ditched the banquette and incorporated a beautiful, very expandable, dining table instead, which gave the space its own identity.

Once we overcame those two major hurdles (I’m happy to report everything in the space was sold to eager buyers) the rest came easy. Pat at Highline Design Build installed the shiplap like a boss, my client found a beautiful reclaimed beam from a recycled lumber yard north of Shoshone that Pat refurbished and installed, and Andrew at Hailey Paint Store painted the entire space a fresh new coat of a creamy off-white to brighten it up.

The clients were very nice, understanding, patient, and trusting of the process. We had a great collaboration going and I think it shows in the results!

All photos by Tim Brown Media







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