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Cali-Cool Living Room Design

Que pasa?! Summertime is in full effect – and by full, I mean I’ve already lost my sunglasses twice and it’s time to get a pedicure ASAP (my sandals told me to). With our 17 months of winter finally behind us, I’m really embracing the sunshine and warmth on my face, and it feels so good!

My mind started wandering to rooms that matched that sunny vibe and when it comes to light, bright, relaxed interiors look no further than…….wait for it……California. In that regard, West Coast is the Best Coast. I am hugely attracted this aesthetic: white walls, off-white upholstery, leather chairs, faux fur throws, etc. After a few years of exploring different design styles to figure out exactly what my personal style is and through the process of curating specific looks for client wishes, I think I’ve realized that my personal aesthetic aligns with Cali-cool. Or at least something along those lines. However, I also pride myself on being able to deliver a look that is totally catered to each client, regardless of my own style.

Now, if you’re thinking “Yeah, right. A white couch? I have 12 kids and they aren’t clean.” No worries! These days, so many upholstery fabrics are performance grade – essentially stain-proof – and rugs and other materials are just as durable. I put together a dream living room that I would have in a minute if my family would just let me do whatever I want!

But first, some great inspirational photos…





And now, introducing my dream living room!

Just look at that marble topped/leather magazine holder side table! And the leather club chairs? Yes please. I’ve sat in them and although they look oddly uncomfortable, they are oddly comfortable. And the best part of all is the bookcase, sofa (on its way), horse print, floor lamp, vases, and rug are available at the Redeux Decor Shoppe! Cali-cool in a mountain town. Everything else can be ordered in. Swing by and take a look and we can daydream about the beach together!



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