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Howdy. If you’re one of my tens of followers on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed quite a few tile photos being posted recently. I’ve been working on a remodel for the past few months and we are now in the phase of construction where things start to get good, i.e. the tile is going up, wallpaper up, lighting installed, etc.

It is exciting yes, but there is always an element of terror around this time because the vision from months ago is now being put to the test. All of the design elements come together in real-time and no matter how sure I am of the intended look, it inevitably takes on a slightly different feel when installed. And today I am talking specifically about tile.

The current project I am working on involves quite a few different tile styles, all of which are designs I’ve never worked with before. I love that though. And it freaks me out. All at the same time. The kitchen tile especially was a wildcard because the plan was to install it from countertop to ceiling on two very large walls. It is a warm gray, textured tile that can either go really gray or stay on the ivory/gray side. I was hoping it would stay on the lighter side and not go too gray because it could come off as feeling cold. Only way to know is to put them all together.

I’m happy to report that the installed tile is beautiful and turned out exactly how I had planned! It didn’t turn mean girl on me (lame in large groups) and I am in love with the texture and drama it brings to the kitchen! My enthusiasm has inspired me to share a few of the tile sources we are using and others that are just as fun.



Kitchen Backsplash Tile

Seaport 2×10, Color: Hibiscus



Large Moroccan Fish Scales – Color: Grapefruit




Cle Tile Zellige, Color: Battled Armor 4×4





Master Bathroom Tile

Crayon Tile – Color: Storm



Cle Tile Zellige – Color: Weathered White


What kind of tiles do you like?


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