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Warm Springs Addition Reveal – Master Bedroom, Master Bath, Powder Room

Bon Jour! Round 2 of the Warm Springs Addition reveal is here!

A couple fun facts: 1. You will notice that the barn door is on the stairway wall. The reason for that is because we wanted to incorporate an armoire for extra storage along the bedroom wall. I knew that the door would just keep running into the side of the armoire and wreck everything so Bryan, the contractor, came up with the brilliant plan to mount it on the outside wall. I think it looks really cool myself.

2. There is no wall mirror mounted in the master bathroom, to allow for more natural light. We are in the process of getting the make-up mirror mounted on the side wall, so this bathroom will also be functional and not just another pretty face.

3. The Moroccan looking tile in the powder room is actually porcelain, not cement. Porcelain is so much more durable and doesn’t have to be sealed and treated periodically – basically bomb-proof.

Enjoy the tour!