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Northridge Family Room, Kitchen, Powder Room Makeover

As far as deadlines are concerned, HGTV has nothing on this makeover. In record time, we repainted every surface of the house – except the doors, replaced the carpet, had a new stair railing installed, refinished the floors, sourced a house full of furniture, put up wallpaper, AND ate barbecue. With no commercial breaks.

My client came to me with a tight timeline, an open mind, and a lot of enthusiasm. She has a fun, offbeat style – think old Hollywood visits Bali  – and I’ll admit, it was good to get out of my comfort zone and be pushed beyond my usual design limits. As far as a collaborative team goes: dream. She was so easy to work with, even under the monumental stress that comes with remodeling. She says words like “cool”, “no problem”, “sounds good”, and most importantly: “thank you”and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Before I let you loose on the reveal, I am going to have a full disclosure moment. Parts of these rooms have been staged or “fluffed”, if you will, for the photos. All of the furniture and some of the accessories stayed on after, but it was important to my client to be able to put the finishing touches on herself to create a personalized feel. It takes time to fill your house with treasured objects such as art, books, accessories, etc. so I figured well, I’ll shoot the house because it’s darn near done and she will have as much time as she needs to find those perfect pieces.

OK, let’s give it up for a fresher, brighter look loaded with personality….!














Stick around for more of this makeover reveal coming soon!



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