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What’s Up West Elm?

You know when you go snooping in your friend’s kids lunch boxes to see what they’re eating because you’re sick of making the same thing every day? And the kid goes “yeah, this is called the …… and my mom says it has protein in it and I like it” and you think OMG this is the BEST day ever because you just discovered something new? That’s how I felt today about West Elm lighting today.

Their lighting is off the hook lately, and even though I am very familiar with what West Elm has to offer because I’ve used their products in some of my designs, even I didn’t realize just how many amazing pieces they have. Until now. Behold my top picks:

Conical Branching Chandelier

Sculptural Glass 7 Light Chandelier

Pelle Gooseneck Chandelier

Telescoping Floor Lamp

Petite Shade Floor Lamp

Mid-Century Task Lamp

Cylinder Sconce

What are your favorites? And any lunch box suggestions?


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