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I am totally into hanging chairs. My hammock bit the dust so I’ve been trolling Pinterest photos of people lounging beachside/poolside and a reoccurring theme keeps popping up: the most luxurious looking scenes always include a hanging chair. They also include a boat, a pool, a perfect tan, and champagne but that’s just details.

So, the other day I presented my case to a client about why they should have a hanging rattan chair. Part of the project is re-decorating the 14 year old daughter’s bedroom and when I told her about the chair idea, she got as excited as I do when my coffee machine just finishes brewing. Dramatically speaking, I am probably on par with teenagers, but as far as what they’re into these days I’m totally out of touch so it was quite a relief when her eyes got big and she said YES, I LOVE THAT!

Alas it wasn’t meant to be. The client Dad said NO, it’s not happening. In his defense, they’re home was just recently built and putting a giant hole in the ceiling was not on the to-do list, so I revised the bedroom design and all is good. But I still can’t stop thinking about those chairs!

Here’s a collection of photos that make me wish lounging was a job. I would apply today.



via House of Hipsters



source unavailable


For all you shopaholics, here’s a few links. Buy to your heart’s desires and then invite me over to enjoy!

Serena & Lily



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  1. Love them! Adds such a nice element to the room. Can you get in and out of one while holding a wine glass?

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