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Wallpaper Happiness

Hello, hello. How is everybody on this fine Wednesday? It’s halfway through the work week which means I’ve only got two more days of waking up way too early to get my kids to school – on time – by 7:45.

Can I just sidetrack for a minute and talk about the morning school routine? Is anyone feeling like it requires a massive amount of patience? If left unattended, my son will leave the house with one shoe on, ONE!, because flying his paper airplane in the living room is a lot more fun than getting fully dressed.

And my daughter, who is newly into having “great hairdos” but hasn’t acquired the skill set to do these herself, wants me to do two french-braids twisted into a side ponytail – before I’ve had my coffee. I still cut my bangs straight across my forehead, I’m not qualified. I don’t know how to  do great hairdos but it seems to be a matter of life and death to a 3rd grader so I Googled “Easy Hair Styles for Short Hair” and I’ve been watching  teenagers on YouTube ever since. (They do know hair, by the way.)

Fact: weekday mornings are brutal sometimes, can we all agree? But the sun’ll come out tomorrow so on a brighter note, I’m back on my wallpaper kick! I actually never left it, I just got distracted with other new and exciting things on the decor scene. There is an amazing selection of wallpaper out there these days and I’m sort of all over the place with what I like right now. Florals, graphics, gold…………..they’re all good in my book. I’ve gathered a few that are speaking to me and have even found some of them in different settings to give you a better idea of how they look on the wall.

Wall Mural/White Daisies/Ombre Dots/Gold Splatters/Pink Tropical Flowers/Dark Florals/Geometric Triangles/Chevron Lines/Leaf Print/Tropical Leaves

Here’s a few in action………….






I’m curious to see what wallpaper jumps out at you. Is it moody florals or bright colors that light up a room? Inquiring minds want to know.


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