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Shine Your Light

Lighting is freaking me out lately – but in the best way possible! There are a multitude of amazing light sources out there and new companies seem to be popping up every time I turn around. I have a deep appreciation for lighting design and the craftmanship involved in taking an initial concept and creating a sculptural piece of art that is also functional. I’m also convinced that I’m going to get electrocuted every time I change a lightbulb, so anyone working in the field of electricity gets points in my book.

Some people might not know this, but Etsy is a virtual treasure chest of lighting sources. I love the handmade aspect and the pride that the seller takes in their product. But it’s not just Etsy I’m showcasing today. Take a look!




  1. Astrid/2. Brass Wall Sconce/3. Somerset/4. 18 Bubble Chandelier/ 5. Koge Swing Arm Lamp/ 6. Acrylic Branch Chandelier/7. Yellow Plug-In Sconce/ 8. Karl 14-Light Chandelier/ 9. Stefan Sconce


So, how much does good lighting impact a room? Here’s a few examples of rooms I’ve done that honestly, probably wouldn’t be nearly as cool as they are without the lighting that was incorporated into the design.

Redeux Decor Northridge Project

Redeux Decor Warm Springs Addition

Redeux Decor 5th Ave New Build

Redeux Decor 5th Ave New Build

Redeux Decor Rustic Glam Master Bath

Take advantage of end of the year sales and get that Holiday lighting good feeling all year long!


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