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Pretty Things Thursday – Bedroom Edition

Here we are in the third week of June and it’s not hot outside! I took the dog for a walk and my hands got cold. Not sure what to think about that. I also had a coat on and I don’t know what to think about that either. I’m more than ready to thaw out after the 28 month long winter we just had……..mmmmmkay?

Enough complaining. Feast your eyes on these beautiful bedrooms!

1. I’m going to call this The Totally Doable Even Though It Doesn’t Seem Like It Bedroom. It’s beautiful and attainable as long as you are/can find a good handyman to build the headboard. The rest is all about finding pieces that are simple, but architectural. And look at that! Another light fixture from West Elm.

via Pinterest

2. This is just a fun, hip bedroom in probably a very trendy NYC burrough. I bet a writer lives here.

via Pinterest

3. I’m not usually super attracted to tradional styles but you can’t deny that this space is really relaxing, which is the goal of a bedroom – it’s not Soul Cycle after all.

Greige Design

4. This is less the photo of the bedroom and more showing my small-time obsession with this bedside sconce.


5. Not much of a commute to the bedroom here, and such a cute place to live!

Apartment Therapy

6. Adorbs

Amber Interiors

Enjoy the weekend!


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