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Pretty Things Thursday

Happy Thursday! I just got back from the Las Vegas Market and am full of inspiration and ready to take on some cool new projects. Everything I needed all in one place: the latest in furniture and home decor, free-flowing cocktails and appetizers, and the chance to be able to converse with other designers…….best three days ever! I put the hurt on my credit card so I can fill the showroom with some of my great new finds, but they won’t start arriving until early spring. So, in the meantime, let’s take a look at what I am loving this week.

I mean………..duh. Don’t need to explain this one!


I love this idea. For a huge dose of flair without a huge dose of dollars, color blocking is the way to go.


I’ve had my eye on these pendants for forever. It’s time to suck it up and use them in a project!


A very fun use of tile. Notice how it runs flush with the floor and wall….that is serious detailing right there.


A very serene and classic looking bathroom.


Well, look who else is using Gentlemens Grey? I love this color and have used it in a previous kitchen project on the island and am currently doing a project where it’s going into a den/TV room – walls, baseboard, and window trim. Dark and moody!


Have a great day out there!


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