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Pretty Things Thursday

I did it again. I fell off the radar (as opposed to the wagon) and haven’t posted anything for a few months. In my defense, I lose track of time easily. The other day I thought I had lunch with someone three weeks ago, but it was actually in May. The upside of all this is when I do post frequently it usually means I have no actual work to do so I blog about other people working. The radio silence in the past few months proves that I have been working very, very, very, very hard!

Pretty Things Thursday time!

Just wow. Martyn Lawrence Bullard strikes again.


 I love this room, even more-so because I don’t have to make those beds!


 I like the chillness of this space. Sometimes it takes very little to make a big presence.


These two little buddies are rescues living out the rest of their days on a Texas animal sanctuary farm called the Sycamore Tree Ranch. Run by Chad and Koby Wegge, they have sacrificed a lot so abused animals can have a better life. That is honorable in my book.


Some people might not know that my brother Dan and my lovely sis-in-law Megan run Denali Air, a flight-seeing operation that takes people around Mt. Denali. Living in Alaska is a daring venture in itself, but they do it with a two and four year old in tow! If you’re ever visiting the Last Frontier, consider booking a flight!    


Since summer in Idaho is 6 days long, fireplaces are never really far from our minds. I am working on a project right now that involves a floor to ceiling fireplace with a wall to wall hearth/bench. Is it going to be awesome? Yes. Yes, it is.


Have a good weekend!


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