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Pretty Things Thursday

Happy Holiday season! This weekend is tree cutting time, which means the Elf on the Shelf comes out to check on the kids and play tricks, which means I’ll be spending the next 18 days trying not to forget to move the d*mn thing every night so my kids’ lives are rich and complete.

I’ll admit it though, I do like this time of year – it’s magical and my kids still believe in Santa. Although, Cassidy is starting to question some Santa facts that don’t add up so I’m savoring this year because I think next year will be the “umm, I’m on to you” year.

Since I figured you’ve all seen plenty of beautiful Pinterest images of holiday decorating, I skipped it for this Pretty Things Thursday edition. Instead, I found amazing images by designers that are blowing my mind lately – and a few other random things that struck me as truly pretty.

This design firm can do no wrong. Ever.

Chango & Co.

Tranquility at its finest.

House & Home

I came across this designer the other day. Next level.

Shawn Henderson Interior Design

Same can be said for this designer, as well.

Cortney Bishop Design

And this one…..

Nicole Davis Interiors

I randomly came across NASA Photography on Instagram and wow, their photos are unreal and so peaceful in outer space.


I plan on donating a portion of this month’s earnings to a local cause. I’m still debating which one, but this a good reminder that it doesn’t have to be dollars that make a difference. Give someone a smile or a big hello! and make their day.

Have a good weekend!





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