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Pretty Things Thursday

It’s been awhile but I’m back to soak you in some prettiness (excuse the verbage….we’ve been inundated with flooding the past few weeks so water words are on my brain). While the sandbagging and trench digging were less than a vacation, the sight of so many people coming together to help was the prettiest thing I’ve seen all year. Along with receding flood water!

This is quite a rustic/feminine combination. I’m not sure what I would label this as, but nobody likes labels anyway so I’ll just call it awesome!


No words needed here…


Now this is the dictionary definition of not flooding. And it looks so peaceful! I just love the mysticism of the desert and all the intrigue surrounding it, and I think this photo captures it so well.


I need to steal this idea. Gallery walls can get a little kooky sometimes, especially if you’re not into “measuring” per se, so this layout is great for easy hanging.


I love this nursery, especially the blue dresser from Land of Nod – and I love more that it’s not mine and I get to sleep through the night because my kids are 7 and 9.


Everybody knows I’m a sucker for high contrast.



Have a good Thursday and an even better weekend!


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