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Pretty Things Thursday

Aloha! In the midst of this total freeze-out I’m dreaming of a warm, breezy island – in the middle of an aqua blue ocean, where the nights and days require nothing more than a pair of flip-flops and a shirt (shorts too, if you’re proper). This place goes by the name of Hawaii, the land of palm trees, terrible tourist wardrobes, and never a Sorel in sight.

But, dang it. I’m not going to Hawaii. I’ll have to settle for a pizza named after the great state and some self-tanner to give me the tropical holiday feeling that I’m longing for. Don’t get me wrong, I do like winter to an extent, but when it has to “warm up to snow”………..maybe, no?

So how about a rousing round of Pretty Things Thursday to get everyone inspired?! Grab an umbrella drink and check out all the beautiful images I found this week!

The questionable things I would do to get these lights………..


I think the way the stripes are painted on the wall as an addition to the art is so creative.


Speaking of tropical, sunny, and warm…………I would put this in a powder room as a completely unexpected surprise.mintedsource

I really like this . It’s serene and sweet, yet really vibrant at the same time. Between Etsy and Minted, you can’t go wrong in your search for great artwork at a reasonable price.


I’m turning into a real sucker for wainscoting.



I love everything about this room. It pretty much rules.

Let’s get a close-up shot of this beautiful fireplace.


That’s all for this week. Stay warm, but stay cool. You dig?

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