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Pretty Things Thursday

Today’s Pretty Things Thursday is all lights, all day. I’m talking about statement lights – lights so beautiful that you don’t even notice Leonardo DiCaprio sitting on the couch because you’re too busy staring at the ceiling.

To me, lights are the most important accessory in the room, the icing on the cake, and if you don’t accessorize the space will feel dull and lacking. Take Madonna for instance: not dull but she wouldn’t have become nearly as iconic without all those bangles and cross necklaces because without them she would’ve been just a pair of shorts and a mesh tank-top.  With a great voice.

Your couch should be the shorts and your light fixtures the bangles.

So let me leave you to admire the following gorgeous rooms, made even more so because of great lighting choices….



I just recently discovered this designer and pretty much everything she does is amazing. I only chose a couple shots but I could have done this entire post just on her work. It’s that good.


This room is really, really pretty but if you put your fingers over the pendant so it disappears, doesn’t some of the charm go away? I think so.


(Note to self: get some basket woven pendants soon)


via Pinterest

Have a great Thursday and an even greater weekend! My alma mater WSU is playing BSU on Saturday. Go Cougs!!

And BSU. (I can be diplomatic about this).


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