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Northridge Master Bedroom, Kids Bedrooms Makeover

Last call for install! The third installment of the Northridge full-house makeover is here, bedroom edition. Goal: tired decor out, fun in.

As soon as I was brought on to this project, the client said her daughter really wanted wallpaper and I passed out from excitement. I will do ANYTHING for the chance to install wallpaper. We went through a few revisions as far as patterns go and then settled on this very fun, very happy accent wall – while letting the rest of the room lay quiet. The room will grow well into the teen years and beyond, which is important when you’re committing to something like wallpaper!

The boys room design came pretty easily. There was one request for a loft bed and that’s about it. I love bright colors and designs in kids’ rooms (obvi) and his was no exception. He’s got his bed, his desk, his big comfy chair and all kinds of room to build Legos. Done.

I love how the master bedroom turned out! We added the daybed because those windows were begging for somebody to hang out with them and who wouldn’t want to read and take a nap there?? Before you get a wrinkle between your eyebrows because you’re wondering why the daybed is carpeted, let me explain: it was an accident. The carpet installers laid the carpet on a day that I wasn’t there and got ambitious with their job. At first I couldn’t breath, then I laughed, then I thought what the h*ll, it’s there and not going anywhere so let’s make the best of it. Since the photos have been taken, I’ve had a custom cushion made and it looks and feels amazing. The extra carpeted padding doesn’t hurt either!




And that’s all for the Northridge Full-House Makeover journey. Thanks for coming along!




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