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Lux-Farmhouse Master Bath

I had a cool thing happen the other day – I was in Sun Valley Rug & Tile, where I love to go because they have an amazing tile selection, when a woman came in. I was with a client at the time so I was pretty focused on the task-at-hand and not paying too much attention to said other person who was browsing tile for her master bathroom project.

All seemed calm in Tile Land until I heard from across the room “Picking out tile is the worst! I don’t know which one to get. Do you know anyone who can HELP ME??!!” Now, at this point my ears prick up because that is exactly what I do: pick out tile for people. But I was there with another client and it would’ve been rude to pipe up and try to finagle more business right then and there. Because that’s piggy.

But my clients are great, great people. They’re nice, easygoing, and very caring and the client that I was with at the tile store is no different. Without missing a beat she starts pointing at my head saying “This girl right here can help you! You should definitely call her!” So “new client” checks me out, we have a brief conversation, and just like that I secured another job. It helped that I was wearing a cute skirt and not my ugly workout clothes. (Mom was right: always dress well, you never know when you’re going to meet the President). Or a new client.

Skipping ahead to the end of the story, again I scored a dream client. Her and her husband are a piece of cake to work with and I can’t wait to see the finished product because I think they are going to love it. Introducing my Lux-Farmhouse Bathroom design plan……

Luxury-Farmhouse Mood Board

OB-Lux Farmhouse Bathroom

My goal is to give them a farmhouse feel without sacrificing modern style. All master baths should include an element of glam and luxury because adults use the master bath and adults deserve it and what says glam better than a free-standing tub and a chandelier? I LOVE chandeliers. I would put one in every room of the house, including the crawl space, if I could.

 my inspiration:

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 9.36.42 AM


Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 9.46.30 AM


Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 9.56.30 AM


Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 9.55.31 AM


The recipe for a good farmhouse bathroom is one part porcelain wood tile, one part subway tile, and many parts of cool like a barn door, shiplap, and great lighting. Oh, and don’t forget the marble mosaic on the shower floor!

We start demo around the 20th of this month and then we’ll be working at a fiery pace. It’s a great feeling – like when a gymnast sticks her landing…

Go Team USA!

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