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Happy Monday! It’s a good day to achieve the goals you set last week and never got around to accomplishing. Or is that just how I roll…..? Anyway, todays lesson is all about kitchen islands and how they have the ability to take a space far beyond the average but are too often overlooked.

Islands have always been the centerpiece of the kitchen because they are a social hub for most people. Homework is done there, meals on the fly are eaten there, and anytime there’s a party everyone congregates around the island like they’re getting paid. But, why not? It’s a natural go-to. What better place to sit and talk about the day while someone is cooking up a meal?

From a functionality standpoint islands are very beneficial because they provide increased storage, larger countertop prep spaces, and cooking areas, and lately I’ve been seeing some really fun island designs that take that functionality and combine it with great design for a beautiful end result!

Let’s take a look.

  1. How about an eat-in island/dining table combo?

Western Cabinets

2. Never forget about a place to store your wine!

Trickle Creek

3. The cantilevered oak slab allows for more seating room.

Alta Architecture

4. This marble slab top is done right.


5. When you are tight on space, rethink your island design.

source unknown

6. Another great example of a cantilevered countertop made to seamlessly incorporate more seating.


7. Islands are great places to store cookbooks.

source unknown

8. Easily one of the longest islands I’ve ever seen!


9. Using a solid wood slab for a countertop isn’t something you see everyday.

Jenna Cooper

And here is an example of what never to do.



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