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Guest Bedroom Design Plan

Bon Jour,

A few months ago I revealed the 5th Ave New Build, every room complete and amazing looking except for one: the guest bedroom. In had become a catch-all disaster because although it’s technically a Guest Bedroom, it also plays the roles of “Sleepover at Grandma and Grandpas”, “Let’s Play Dolls In Here”, and “I Just Want to Read and Chill Out” room. In other words, figuring out the decor was tricky because it has more uses than a Swiss Army Knife.

After a few go-rounds, I settled on metal beds as the foundation for the design. Metal beds are having a moment. They’re cute, affordable, and – believe it or not – versatile! My challenge was how do you provide adult guests the same retreat you would provide for a bunch of kids? The answer is you don’t. You just thread the needle carefully so that both parties feel like the space is for them – by providing a little of what both would want and need.

Twin beds were the only way to go. A queen bed wasn’t an option because of spacial issues. We had to conserve room for bookcases, a desk, and a small play area, and twin beds allow for more freedom of movement. And face it, even adults love to sleep in a twin bed every once in awhile. (Alone, that is.)

Once the bed situation was covered, the rest of the design came pretty easily. A plush rug, some grown up/yet still fun accents, and a highly functional layout completed the concept. Here’s some inspiration pics. I pulled:

via Pinterest

via Pinterest


via Pinterest

And this is the design I came up with:


floor lamp $225 (available through Redeux Decor) / hoop chair $295 (available through Redeux Decor) / sheepskin rug / metal bed frame / rugside table / table lamp  / word art / cow horns $145 (available through Redeux Decor) / brass lamps / Black&White print / dresser $1385 (available through Redeux Decor) / sheet set / comforter / throw blanket

Stick around for the big Guest Bedroom reveal tomorrow!


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