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Faux Real?

Hi! Remember way back when…….when I mentioned that I was going to be starting a project that I deemed “Luxury-Farmhouse Master Bathroom” and that I was very excited about it? Well, I’m here to tell you that this bathroom project is going strong and looking GOOD!

(If you are saying to yourself, no. I have no idea what she’s talking about – here’s a small re-cap).

As of today, the tile work is complete. We’ve got white subway tile on the walls and a beautiful marble mosaic shower floor, and in order to keep with the rustic-glam feel I decided to use a wood-looking porcelain tile for the bathroom floor. As a general rule, it’s just a better idea to use tile instead of real wood in a bathroom – plus, this tile looks so much like real wood, the cabinet maker thought is was wood when he saw it. boom!

So, to honor faux things that look very authentic, I’ve collected a montage of different pictures that prove that faux can be a go.

Let’s start with our pal wood-look porcelain tile………….
porcelainwoodtile source

pinterest source unavailable

Or a faux fiddle fig tree for all the blackthumbs of the world.
fluxboutique-co-nz source

And how about some faux sheepskin to coincide with our town’s Sheep Festival this weekend.

popsugar-com source

theglitterguide-com source

Faux brick backsplash……..
pinterest2 source

And how cute is this idea for a no-longer functioning fireplace? Throw in some books, or some baskets of toys, and you’ve got yourself a happy child.
houzz source

But a body perm instead of naturally curly hair? faux-get it.
That’s not me, by the way……

Stay tuned for the amazing reveal of this bathroom and go faux every once in awhile!


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