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Fall into Cozy: Creating Warm and Inviting Spaces for the Autumn Season

As the crisp autumn air starts quickly creeping in, the outdoors has begun to change hues, so it only makes sense to embrace the autumnal spirit in our homes. This is when the concept of “falling into cozy” truly comes alive. From plush textiles to the flickering glow of candles, today’s post will go over how to best create a warm and inviting space for the autumn season. So, grab a blanket and get cozy!

Subtle is Best

Designer advice: don’t be Hobby Lobby’s best friend. Skip the holiday themed overload and opt for festive, yet less dramatic seasonal touches when it comes to preparing your home for autumn. By integrating a few warm colors, such as oranges and browns, you can naturally add a small touch of fall. Small, subtle changes such as a pillow swap-out or adding darker linens go a long way.

Think Sustainable

When it comes to decor, switching out every piece for each season is not only exhausting, it’s an eco-disaster. Choose pieces that can be easily reused throughout the year, such as a glass vase, and simply switch out what the vase holds throughout the year. For fall, this may be dried flowers, branches, or even pinecones. You can also decorate with consumable produce, such as apples, pumpkins, and gourds. Varying sizes and colors can create wonderful visual interest and dimension. Place them on your kitchen counter, in a corner, on your mantel, or on a bookshelf – pretty much any open space will work. Instead of tossing them at the end of the season, cook them up or compost them. 

Focus On One Area

In order to not overdo it, choose a focal point for your autumn decor. Mantels are often the best choice for a focal point when it comes to seasonal decor since it’s often the focal point of the room itself. Keep what you have there already, such as a mirror or piece of artwork, and build around it. Another focal point option in your living room is your couch and accompanying chairs. Layer deep-hued pillows with neutral ones and add a patterned blanket or two. Play with textures, such as chunky knits or chenille fabrics, for added visual interest. 

Cut it Out!

If you live in an area where the leaves change colors, go outside and help yourself to a branch or two (not on your neighbor’s property preferably). If the big city is your place of residence, faux branches have come a long ways and you can re-use them every year.

Photo: Pottery Barn

Now that you’re ready to get your fall decor on, take that first sip of hot cider, throw on your seasonal sweater and get started!