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I live in a remote area. The nearest major airport is 2.5 hours away and in that time I only have to make 6 turns to get from my house to the arrival gate. That’s not an exaggeration, Idaho is just spread out like that – parts of the drive don’t have cell reception, and there is a warning sign somewhere along the route that tells you you better get gas because there won’t be any for awhile. In other words: sparse living.

So as you can imagine, inspiration for fresh looks can be hard to find. I like Instagram and such, but I don’t peruse it as much as you’d think. The printed form is my first choice for gathering new ideas and seeing what other designers are up to, so I wait breathlessly for my monthly subscriptions in my post office box for a glimpse to the outside world. I rush home, put on my trusty sweats, grab a glass of wine, throw together something that resembles food, and then get to reading. All in that order.

And I’m never disappointed with what I see. There are great designers doing great things everywhere, so I thought it would be fun to showcase a few standouts this week. They are a super talented group! Check them out.

James McAdam




Mowery Marsh Architects


Katie Martinez


Shannon McLaren Wilkins


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