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Cassidy’s 9th B-Day

Each year my kids have a birthday. And each year, I’ve gotten away with not throwing a birthday party for either of them – not in the traditional sense, at least. I’ve never sent an invite, an evite, or made a goody bag. (In fact, I didn’t even know goody bags were a thing until about a year ago). But, regardless of my party throwing shortcomings, my kids have always had great birthdays!

We’ve always just kept it low key and easy because face it: kids just want the presents. I could slave over a beautiful cheese plate and expect years worth of gratitude from my children but if it doesn’t come with a Minecraft Lego set, game over. So when Cassidy turned nine this summer, I assumed we would have the usual BBQ, eat some cake and open presents –  not in that order.

But enter my sister Julie, who is a master party planner. She came up with the idea of a pool party/splatter paint party and the kids loved it! We had a such a good time, it wasn’t stressful at all, and I think the photos speak for themselves.

All of these amazing photos were taken by one of my besties Hillary Maybery. She is an amazing photographer, but more importantly, an amazing friend.

And if you find yourself looking for some really great party ideas my sister can make it happen through her business Social Company. It is in the beginning stages so her website isn’t quite finished but in the meantime you can get ahold of her at (208) 720.3826 –


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