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Wallpaper Happiness

Hello, hello. How is everybody on this fine Wednesday? It's halfway through the work week which means I've only got two more days of waking up way too early to get my kids to school - on time - by ... READ the POST

Faux Real?

Hi! Remember way back when.......when I mentioned that I was going to be starting a project that I deemed "Luxury-Farmhouse Master Bathroom" and that I was very excited about it? Well, I'm here to ... READ the POST

Master Bathroom Redeux

Happy Monday to you all! Oh, forget it. It's a Monday, face it. But on a peppier note, I'm posting my biggest project to date! A complete master bathroom re-do that we achieved without changing the ... READ the POST

Cassidy’s 9th B-Day

Each year my kids have a birthday. And each year, I've gotten away with not throwing a birthday party for either of them - not in the traditional sense, at least. I've never sent an invite, an evite, ... READ the POST

Good Ol’ Subway Tile

There are some things in life that you can always rely on: Levi's jeans, duct tape, white cotton underwear.......these things work when you need them to - without a lot of frills - and they never ... READ the POST