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Good Ol’ Subway Tile

There are some things in life that you can always rely on: Levi's jeans, duct tape, white cotton underwear.......these things work when you need them to - without a lot of frills - and they never ... READ the POST

Lux-Farmhouse Master Bath

I had a cool thing happen the other day - I was in Sun Valley Rug & Tile, where I love to go because they have an amazing tile selection, when a woman came in. I was with a client at the time so I ... READ the POST

Barn Wood Fireplace

The new build project is moving ahead and my parents house is on track to begin construction in May. This is about a miracle because - no joke - the entire site plan was reversed the day before we ... READ the POST

Guest Bathroom Redeux

I can't believe we are finally done with the bathroom renovation. Considering that when we started I was listening to A-ha on my walkman and eating Pop Rocks out of my fanny-pack, we've come a long ... READ the POST