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Barn Wood Fireplace

The new build project is moving ahead and my parents house is on track to begin construction in May. This is about a miracle because – no joke – the entire site plan was reversed the day before we were going to draw up the blueprints. I mean everything changed. The kitchen that was going to face south now faces north, the garage is on the south end, not the north end, and every other room has been switched around to fit into the legal parameters of the property. What’s up 11th hour??

You’re probably wondering if I freaked out. No. The changes are a good thing. There will be better views and more privacy from the neighbors, and even though every aspect of the structure will be different, my design ideas for the interior are still mostly intact.

And speaking of design ideas, let me show you what we’re thinking for the fireplace. It’s going to be a major focal point in the home and a great “hang-out” zone but the best part of all is the wood will come directly from two old sheds/outhouse on the property.


We hadn’t planned on tearing them down but they were built in Year 1 when there were no building codes. Or indoor plumbing. These days they aren’t allowed and the city has required that they go before the house can be built. So a reclaimed wood fireplace it is!


Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 2.28.37 PM

A couple of these shots are actually just wood-looking cement slabs instead of real wood, but you get the idea of the floor to ceiling wood with a cement hearth look I’m going for.



still going


The wood will be pressure washed, planed, and then cut to fit for the fireplace surround.

reduce, reuse, redeux!


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