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2017?……Not Sure What To Think

2017 was exhilarating, dynamic, disastrous, productive, and upsetting. In a word: confusing.  On the business side, Redeux Decor grew by leaps and bounds last year with the opening of the showroom and an office space to call my own. No more filing receipts in my T-shirt drawer thank you very much. But on a personal note, I witnessed quite a lot of heartache and anxiety, and the collective moral of the world was just low. However, I’m a believer that things happen for a reason so I’m eager to see what positive happenings are in store for this year. Let’s do this 2018! 

Here are a few of the most memorable moments that shaped my last year. I’ll start with the not-so-greats so we can end on a happy, high note.

Number 1 Super, Obvious Low Moment: this guy.

Can we just agree that Trump has been a black smear on our psyche? When he announced his bid to run, I thought it was a joke….but then he won. And we were left speechless. It all seemed to happen so fast – like being thrown up on by your child immediately after he announces “mommy, I don’t feel well”. One minute, things are fine and the next everything’s a hot mess. That was 2017 with Trump.

Not Awesome Event Events Number 2 & 3: Bull elk/me collisions.

You read that right……two times in one year. The first time took 3 months to fix the car and the second time they just gave up and labeled it a total loss. What do I think about all that? I think my eyes are wide open to the fact that those were clearly messages from I-don’t-know-who. It’s not a woo woo thing, you just don’t crash into a majestic animal twice in one year and blow it off as “well, we live in a mountain town……” I expect 2018 to clear things up a bit.

OKaaaaay….that’s enough of the really bad parts of 2017. I can’t totally throw last year under the bus because so many great things also happened.

Number 1 Super, Obvious Great Moment: Redeux Decor gets an office/showroom!

And it’s been an amazing success! For starters, I’m not a good work-from-home kind of person. I am easily distracted by dirty dishes, laundry, and the sad eyes from the dog who is sure he will die if he doesn’t go on a walk, like right now. I needed a place to go to get real work done, and to be able to show clients the merchandise that they can touch and sit on, something you can’t do on the internet. It’s fun – and surprising – to walk around the shop and let them show me what they gravitate towards. And face it, being surrounded by beautiful things doesn’t suck.

Great Thing #2: The family

Everyone is healthy and happy (if they’re fed) and that’s all I need.

Great Thing #3: The completion of some really cool Redeux Decor projects.

I know other designers say their clients are the best, but they’re wrong. Mine are the best. They are kind, thoughtful, patient and real. And always entertaining. Thank you to all my clients of 2017, and every other year for that matter. I appreciate you very much!

*This post has taken me so long to write, it’s now January, 2018. I guess I’ll throw in a Super Great January 2018 moment: a new client and an awesome Living Room Refresh project on the books.

via Pinterest

After a complicated 2017, I’m feeling inspired by the simplicity of this room.

Happy new year and cheers to a rockin 2018!!


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